Social Interaction

In coordination with Grupo Vida, the Hotel Arqueologo focuses on social programs for those sectors of society directly and indirectly involved in our services chain. We fully support the following activities:

Full Support In the Training of Hotel Staff

For our organization the human element is essential. That is why Grupo Vida is fully committed to the training of its employees. As a company, we offer our staff the following training opportunities:

  • Language courses: French, English, German
  • Graduate degree conferences
  • Technical training courses in a range of specialist fields

Community Support

Our organization actively promotes development initiatives designed to benefit the local community, encouraging the use of local resources to build comfortable accommodation where visitors can enjoy the natural world and interact with traditional culture in a once in a lifetime experience.

Building Libraries

With the support of the local population, we build libraries in communities most in need of improved educational services, helping to promote culture and education among new generations of Andean people.

Arts & Crafts

Hotel Arqueologo promotes the production of local textiles, helping to market traditional textiles in the communities where they are made, and using such handcrafts to decorate the rooms of our hotel and adorn our own Vida Store, where guests can visit and enjoy traditional alpaca wool designs produced using natural dyes.

Local Children

Christmas and New Year are important dates in the lives of children throughout the world. Hotel Arqueologo provides gifts of school supplies and organizes a Christmas celebration during which hot chocolate is served, gifts are distributed, films are shown and parties featuring clowns are held. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on a young child’s face.