La Divina Comedia Restaurant presents its new gourmet menu for this season, inspired by local aromas and flavors and combining Mediterranean and Andean flavors created specially for our guests by our own chef, Diego Rey.



  • Prosciutto, baby artichokes and hot pepper green chimichurri oregano and garlic dressing
  • Ham, blue cheese and crystallized onion with a port reduction
  • Greek style chickpea hummus
  • Smoked trout with cream cheese
  • Caprese style fresh cheese, basil and tomato salad


Delectable seafood gratin with parmesan cheese, butter and a dash of lemon (4 portions)

Sautéed mushrooms
Mushrooms sautéed in butter with a subtle blend of thyme and local herbs


  • Chicken and noodle, served with a traditional Creole sauce
  • Vegetable soup of the day served with parmesan cheese


Trout ceviche in a creamy red pepper sauce, with red bell pepper, corn and coconut milk
Salad – Mixed lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, bathed in a light olive oil vinaigrette
Quinoa tabbouleh – Quinoa salad with diced vegetables and fresh cheese, served on a bed of lettuce
Chicken sandwich (on wholegrain bread)
Shredded chicken with peppers and mayonnaise, served with mixed lettuce and herbs
Our Garden Salad with Chicken
Grilled chicken salad served with mixed lettuce, carrots, local potatoes, tomatoes and chestnuts, bathed in an olive oil and Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Vegetarian lasagna (Vegan option available on request)
Tomato-based lasagna with carrots, zucchini and eggplant, baked with parmesan cheese and flavored with the local herb known as muña


Sweet potato ravioli, Andean mushrooms, parmesan and a creamy prosciutto sauce with a hint of paico pepper) (Vegetarian option available)

Homemade pasta
Pasta with sautéed mushrooms, peppers and zucchini, with a touch of basil and olive oil (Vegetarian option)


Grilled local Sacred Valley trout served with mashed sweet potatoes and topped with a citric lemongrass sauce, served with organic salad

Seafood risotto
Seafood flambéed with brandy, served with rice and bathed in a creamy white wine and chili sauce


Duck (house specialty)
Breast of duck au gratin with gruyere cheese, with three types of sauces and elderberry reduction, mushrooms and pecans, served with mashed potato and an organic salad
Chicken with herbs
Grilled chicken breast bathed in tarragon-based herb sauce, served with an organic salad straight from our kitchen garden and delicious rustic mash potato in gravy
Pepper steak
Beef tenderloin in a mushroom and pepper sauce, flambéed in brandy, served with delicious mashed potato and a seasonal organic salad
Beef strogonoff
Loin of veal with sautéed mushrooms and onions, white wine and Dijon mustard, a dash of cream, laurel and paprika, served with rustic mashed potatoes and our kitchen garden organic salad
Lamb, pot roasted for eight hours with spicy herbs and wine, with sweet potato ravioli topped with the lamb sauce and served with organic salad
Filleted alpaca with ratatouille and mashed potatoes
Alpaca steak in a creamy yellow chili pepper Dijon mustard sauce served with ratatouille and rustic Mediterranean style mashed potatoes
Mashes potatoes – Potatoes with butter and fresh milk
Rustic mashed potatoes – Mashed potatoes with olive oil, hot pepper, parsley and garlic
Creole rice (white)